About Us

YFCAD Singapore - Subsidiary company of ACAD Pte Ltd

ACAD Pte Ltd is the Singapore largest Autodesk Authorized Value Added Reseller. The emerging interior architecture and furnishing industries has grew ACAD's interest to bring innovative products and services to serve potential field. Through partnering with Yuan Fang Group, YFCAD Singapore was formed. Not only this partnership strategy can continue ACAD's mission to deliver more powerful solutions, the aim has been, and always been to focused on local businesses with world-class software's.

YFCAD Singapore offers high performance, user friendly, competence and quality products for customers. With intelligent solutions integrated tools that combine cutting edge technology to bring a revolutionary changes in the designing industries. Furthermore, the product is being under constant improvement & innovation which results in a faster, better and smarter. YFCAD Singapore strives to deliver satisfaction to customers with the combination of right people, processes, technologies and strong alliances relationship.

The products we carry are Flagship InteriCAD, Ceramic king and KD Max. This designing software are notably famous for the Easy to learn & user-friendly and is used world wide. Having said that, more than 300,000 users enjoyed designing with these particular software's tools and brought them more opportunity in terms of sales and better communication. We are also the authorized training centre and have the most qualified trainers to teach and train customers. We have strong customer based in Singapore and strong technical team providing all round technical support.

       InteriCAD T6 Plus              KD MAX V 6.0                      Ceramic King

Yuan Fang Group

YFCAD products has been preferred as the best designing software and serving 52 countries. Its product has been in the global market for more then 20 years and still going incredibly strong.

Products that ranges from all in one solution (Flagship InteriCAD) to different specific solutions to aid wide array of customers. The software developer has dedicated premium products and solutions to our users in whole industry spread all over the world. With innovating research and development; continuous technical improvement; outstanding support and service, YFCAD is sharing furnishing vision while working closely with global partners.